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Article by Mr. Mahoney published in a national magazine

The February 2010 issue of Learning and Leading with Technology printed an essay written by Mr. Mahoney, which explored the necessity of memorization, even in this digital age. Students explore this issue in Computer Applicaitons class. A link to the article is below.


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About Mr. Mahoney

Princess Diana and Rambo!

What could Princess Diana and Sylvester Stalllone have in common? They were both involoved in traffic collisions.

Prior to enteing the field of teaching, Mr. Mahoney had a successful career as an expert witness in the courts on the causes of traffic collisions. He worked as a media consultant for NBC's Today Show on the Princess Diana Crash. He has also worked for Sylvester Stallone on a traffic collision between him and a member of the paparazzi

He uses the knowledge he garnered in the private sector to stress the importance of developing job skills in the field of technology, math, and writing.

Technology Qualifications

Master of Science: Education - Information Technology

Masters's Thesis: “Alternative Cognitive Devices and the Lack of Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills as Measured by the Reduction in Common Measures of Intelligence, Knowledge, and Learning

Recent Publications:

Mahoney, Robert E. (2010).  Do Students Need to Memorize Facts in the Digital Age? Point/CounterPoint, Learning and Leading with Technology, February 2010, pp. 8-9

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