Everday Math

Critical Skills in Today's Marketplace

Algebra is a critical skill in today's marketplace. The ability to rearrange an equation and solve for any variable is crucial in multiple jobs. Ratio and proportion, for example are used in mixing fertilizers or gas-oil combinations. The ability to think abstracty, as required in Algebra, is a key to success in today's technological world.



Algebra 1

Algebra is more than just a math class, it involves a method of thinking. The ability to reason, and think abstractly is a key concept that is involved in Algebra. Therefore, success in Algebra often shows as success in other areas. For example, ratio and proportion are used everday in the culinary arts, slope is used in aviation, quadratic functions determine ballistic paths. In another respect, Algebra can be considered as the "language of science".

Algebra is such a critical part of the educational curriculum, a large part of the Oregon standardized math test is devoted to it. In order to graduate, students have to have a passing score on the State test.

Students entering Algebra 1 often do so with math anxiety. I hope to show the students the ease with which they can learn the essential skills of Algebra 1.

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