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Unit 5

Algorithms & Procedural Abstraction

5.1 Unit Overview

5.2 Logo Part 2 (Skip)

5.3 Search Algorithms

5.4 Sorting Algorithms

5.5 The Pong Game

5.6 Debugging Pong

5.7 Analyzing Algorithms

5.8 Limits of Algorithms

5.9BB Web Searches

5.10 Wrap Up

Search Algorithms

Search is a very important area of study in computer science. Just think of how often you search for information on the Internet using Google or some other search engine. It's remarkable how much information Google's algorithms search through and how fast they deliver the results.This unit will start to explore different methods of conducting searches.

Unit Objectives

If you are enrolled in the Dallas Oregon 2016-2017 AP Computer Science class, please go directly to unit 5.3. Due to snow days, units 5.1 and 5.2 are bypassed.