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Unit 5

Algorithms & Procedural Abstraction

5.1 Unit Overview

5.2 Logo Part 2 (Skip)

5.3 Search Algorithms

5.4 Sorting Algorithms

5.5 The Pong Game

5.6 Debugging Pong

5.7 Analyzing Algorithms

5.8 Limits of Algorithms

5.9BB Web Searches

5.10 Wrap Up

Debugging The Pong Game

In this lesson, we will learn more about the types of errors you might get in a program, including tips for identifying, fixing, and preventing them. In computer programming, a bug is an error or defect, that prevents the app from working the way it is supposed to. After watching the video on debugging, try to find the errors in the Pong game and then answer the questions about debugging.

Unit Objectives