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Unit 4

Exploring Computing

Animation, Simulation & Modeling

4.1 Unit Overview

4.2 Android Mash Tutorial

4.3 Android Mash Projects

4.4 Logo Part 1

4.5 Coin Flip Simulation Tutorial

4.6 Coin Flip Experiment

4.7 Pseudo Random Numbers

4.8 Coin Flip Simulation Projects

4.9 Real World Models

4.10 Abstraction Inside the CPU

4.11BB Privacy

4.12 Wrap Up

Coin Flip Simulation Projects

Coin Flip Simulation Projects: In this lesson you will complete several small programming projects that add enhancements to the CoinFlip app.

Unit Objectives

Programming Projects

Here are some creative projects to enhance the CoinFlip app and help build your programming skills

Make sure that you do the Self-check at this link and that you update your Google Site Portfolio