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Unit 3

Creating Graphics & Images Bit by Bit

3.1 Unit Overview

3.2 Paint Pot Tutorial

3.3 Representing Images

3.4 Paint Pot Projects

3.5 Paint Pot Refactoring

3.6 Error Detection

3.7 Parity Error Checking

3.8 Magic 8 Ball

3.9 Persisting Photos

3.10 Map Tour

3.11BB Electronic Documents

3.12 Wrap Up


Chapter 3: Blown to Bits

Computing has transformed our lives in so many ways. And mobile computing, where we are constantly connected to others and to the world via our mobile devices, is challenging us right now to come with new norms about privacy, security, the ownership or openness of data and information, and other issues.

Like any technology, mobile computing has both positive and negative impacts. We need to reflect on these impacts in general and we also need to think about the impacts we will create as we build our own mobile apps.

Unit Objectives


Steganography is the practice of concealing messages or information within other non-secret text or data. Please view the PowerPoint presentation under assignments to learn about basic Steganography. There are two main methods:

  1. Least Significant Bit Steganography
  2. Discrete Cosine Transform Steganography

Make sure that you do the Blown to Bits Self-check at this link and that you update your Google Site Portfolio