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Unit 3

Creating Graphics & Images Bit by Bit

3.1 Unit Overview

3.2 Paint Pot Tutorial

3.3 Representing Images

3.4 Paint Pot Projects

3.5 Paint Pot Refactoring

3.6 Error Detection

3.7 Parity Error Checking

3.8 Magic 8 Ball

3.9 Persisting Photos

3.10 Map Tour

3.11BB Electronic Documents

3.12 Wrap Up


Representing Images

In this lesson we continue the exploration of bits and binary numbers that we began in unit 2. In this case we learn how to use bits, 1s and 0s, to represent images.

This tutorial also introduces the concept of Run Length Encoding.

Unit Objectives

Make sure that you do the self-check at this link and that you update your Google Site Portfolio