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Unit 3

Creating Graphics & Images Bit by Bit

3.1 Unit Overview

3.2 Paint Pot Tutorial

3.3 Representing Images

3.4 Paint Pot Projects

3.5 Paint Pot Refactoring

3.6 Error Detection

3.7 Parity Error Checking

3.8 Magic 8 Ball

3.9 Persisting Photos

3.10 Map Tour

3.11BB Electronic Documents

3.12 Wrap Up


Magic 8 Ball Tutorial and Projects

Magic 8-Ball is a mobile version of the classic fortune-telling game. A user can ask a question, shake the phone, and hear the magic 8-ball’s prediction. This app uses the Accelerometer to handle the shaking event and the TextToSpeech component to have the phone speak the prediction, which is randomly selected from a list of predictions.

Unit Objectives

Magic 8-Ball Tutorial

Follow the video tutorial to build an initial version of the Magic 8 Ball App. To begin the lesson open App Inventor with the Magic 8 Ball template. It provides the media you need for this project and a partial version of the User Interface. When the project opens -- be patient, it may take a moment -- use the Save As option to rename it Magic8Ball.

Magic 8-Ball Mini-Projects

Now that you've finished the tutorial, it is time to work on some creative projects. Work with your partner at implementing the following changes to the Magic 8 Ball App.

Click here or on the Mini Project Link in the Assignments tab to download the PDF instructions.

Make sure that you do the Magic 8 Ball Self-check at this link and that you update your Google Site Portfolio