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Unit 1

Getting Started: Preview and Setup

1.1 Welcome

1.2 Mazes, Algorthms & Programs

1.3 Google Account and Portfolio Set Up

1.4 App Inventor Setup

1.5 Blown to Bits

1.6 Joining the Forum

1.7 Successful Learning

1.8 Wrap Up


1.1 Welcome to Computer Science

Welcome! Mobile Computer Science Principles (Mobile CSP) is an Advanced Placement (AP) level introduction to computer science. It will be offered by Dallas High School for AP credit in the 2017-2018 acadmic year. As its name suggests, the course teaches about the principles of computer science from the perspective of mobile computing.

Mobile computing is an emerging field that focuses on mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones. In this course we will use the mobile programming language, App Inventor, to program our Android tablets and smart phones. You will learn how to design and build mobile apps -- apps that are aware of their location, apps that send and receive text messages, apps that give advice and directions. The only limit on the types of apps you will learn to build is your own imagination. So, in this course you will learn coding or computer programming.

But computer science is not just about coding. So, we will also learn broadly about the fundamental principles of computer science. We'll learn about the potential and the limitations of computing and coding. We'll learn how to manipulate large data sets and about the importance of data in today's computing environment. We'll learn how the Internet works and how encryption is used to protect our Internet transactions. We'll learn about the positive and negative aspects of computing in today's society. And lots more.

For these broader computing concepts we will work within the College Board's curricular framework known as Computer Science Principles (CSP). This framework was developed by leading computer science educators from around the country with guidance from the College Board and with funding support from the National Science Foundation. The first AP CSP exam will be offered during spring 2017. (Dallas High will offer it for AP credit the following year, in 2017-2018).