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Unit 1

Getting Started: Preview and Setup

1.1 Welcome

1.2 Mazes, Algorthms & Programs

1.3 Google Account and Portfolio Set Up

1.4 App Inventor Setup

1.5 Blown to Bits

1.6 Joining the Forum

1.7 Successful Learning

1.8 Wrap Up


1.4 App Inventor Setup

You are in luck. App Inventor Companion has to be set up on your device or the school tablet. The link to App Inventor has already been set up for you on the computers in the lab. If you desire to use App Inventor with your personal Android device, use the links below.

The setup requires that you already have a gmail account. If you do not, you should go back to the previous lesson before moving on.

App Inventor is an example of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which means that all of the software tools needed to design, develop, and test a mobile Android app are integrated within the App Inventor platform. IDEs are part of the standard toolkit that programmers use to develop programs.

App Inventor is a cloud application. It runs completely within a browser. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are the recommended browsers. Make sure your computer has the latest version of your preferred browser.

The Setup instructions describe four options for developing apps with App Inventor. The following links will bring you to App Inventor's site for the setup instructions.

  1. Wifi: Connecting an Android mobile device (tablet or smart phone) via a Wifi link.
  2. USB: Connecting an Android mobile device via a USB cable.
  3. Android emulator: Using emulator software running on your computer to test your apps.
  4. Genymotion Emulator

You may want to set yourself up with more than one option. This course is best experienced with an Android mobile device, either a tablet or smartphone. Not all lessons will work completely with the emulator. But there are times when the emulator will come in handy.