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Unit 1

Getting Started: Preview and Setup

1.1 Welcome

1.2 Mazes, Algorthms & Programs

1.3 Google Account and Portfolio Set Up

1.4 App Inventor Setup

1.5 Blown to Bits

1.6 Joining the Forum

1.7 Successful Learning

1.8 Wrap Up


Preview and Setup


Mobile Computer Science Principles (Mobile CSP) is an Advanced Placement (AP) level introduction to computer science. It will be offered by Dallas High School for AP credit in the 2017-2018 acadmic year. As its name suggests, the course teaches about the principles of computer science from the perspective of mobile computing.

This unit will walk you through how to set up the software and hardware for the class. Much of the work is already completed by the HIgh School, however, you will still have to set up your Google Site and any other Android devices that you want to use in conjunction with the class.