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Student Edition costs susbtantially less

Some students like web desgin class so much that they inquire as to how they can get the software. Most software, including Adobe Dreamweaver, is available in a Student or Academic Version. They contain all of the features, but are sold at a deep discount. If you desire to purchase Dreamweaver to continue what you learned in this class, don't forget to ask fof a Student or Academic Version.




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Create a Website for an Actual Client

Chef ImageDreamweaver Makes the Grade!

Each semester, students create websites for actual customers. The customer may be a local author, or business, or even another teacher within the School District. This provides the students real-life experiences in interviewing clients, while still allowing for their own creativity. During this activity, students are using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Students will learn the following:

Scorng Rubric for the assignment is below: