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Tables in HTML

Lists and Menus

HTML Codes

Common HTML Codes

Tag Effect Example
<strong> Bold (replaced the <b> tag Bold
<em> Italics(replaced the <i> tag Italics
<a href> Hyperlink Google
<img src> Insert Image HTML text tag
<div> Divide into sections See this page
<html> Required at the beginning of websites Tells browser to expect HTML


Common CSS Codes

Tag Effect
{background-color #;} Changes the color of the background
h1 {color #;} Changes the color of only h1 text
h2 {text-align:center;}
Aligns only h2 text in the center
p {font-family:"Times New Roman", Times, serif;} Sets paragraphs in the selected font(s)
a:link {color:#FF0000;} Sets the color of hyperlinks
background-image: url('../images/nameofimage.gif') Tells browser what image to display as background

Excellent source to learn more about HTML Code

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