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Technology Lab Gets Windows 7
The Dallas School District Technology Department has finished upgrading the Technology Lab. In order to provide the most up-to-date instruction to students entering the workforce, the computers were recentely upgraded by installing Windows 7. Additionally newer versions of AutoCAD were installed that have an easier user interfae.



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Bringing Real World Challenges to Students in Technology Classes

Pen writingEver Wonder How to Write a Resume? Discover how you can write a resume that will get you the job! It is all part of Computer Applications class.

Family Member Need a Website? Design a website for you, your parents' business, or just for fun. Web Design class gives you the tools and the time to make it happen.

Light Blub  (c) FreeFoto.comGot A Great Design Idea? Perhaps you always thought designing the newest cellphone or house was your challenge. Take AutoCAD Basic and use some of the leading edge design software.

(c) FreeFoto.comWant to Create Fire? You don't need two sticks to rub together, just take AutoCAD Advanced and create top line animations by using the same software that movie companies use for films such as Avatar


Discover all of the technoloy opportunities available for you. Come visit Room 512, the Technology Lab.



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