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Dreamweaver Added to Web Design Class

Students enrolled in Web Design class will now learn to design websites with two programs, MS FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver. While MS FrontPage is easier to learn due to its similarity to MS Office, Dreamweaver is a much more robust program. Dreamweaver enables students to write HTML and CSS code effortlessly.



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Web Design Class FAQ


What is WYSIWYG?

WYSIWYG stands for What You See is What You Get. Programs like Microsoft Word are WYSIWYG word processors, as the codes that make your text bold or italic are not visible to the writer. Two of the three text editors we use in this class are WYSIWYG, allowing the student to design a web page in much the same way that they would design a bulletin in MS Word.

Why do I have to learn HTML Code, if we are using a WYSIWYG editor?

Learning code brings back flashbacks of memorizing things like multiplication tables. Just as learning basic math helps students in advanced math classes, learning HTML code will help students figure out what is wrong with their website. Nothing is more frustrating than designing your website as you want, but then failing to have it display correctly. By inspecting the underlying code, students can grasp what is wrong with their website.

What Programs are used in Web Design?

Three different programs are used, depending upon the task. They are:

1. Crimson Editor: A simple text editor that is useful for writing code.

2. Microsoft FrontPage: A WYSIWYG HTML editor with an easy learning curve.

3. Adobe Dreamweaver: A full-featured WYSIWYG HTML and CSS editor with extensive add-ons such as drop-down menus.