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Temperature : 42.8°°F
Humidity : 62%
Wind speed : 0.0 mph
Direction : N

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20:30 on 11 March 2019


Fine weather

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Welcome to Dallas, Oregon Weather

The weather station in use is the La Crosse 2813U - IT, and these pages are updated every 10 minutes.
The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight.

The LaCrosse 2813U-IT is considered an entry level weather station. It is wireless, the anemometer (wind speed) and rain sensors send their signals to the thermo-hygro sensor, which in turn sends it to a USB receiver attached to your computer.

In order to get the data to display in these web pages, four separate programs are running. They are as follows:

  • Heavy Weather Pro WS 2800 LaCrosse's basic software.

  • WUHU : This takes the data from Heavy Weather and formats it into data that can be read by Cumulus.

  • Cumulus : This program is the powerhouse behind this website that allows the data to be displayed.

  • Yawcam : This program sends the webcam image via FTP to the website.

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